Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been feeling very sleepy today not from lack of sleep but from taking antihisthamines which don't agree with me! I spent Sunday in the garden, but in clearing out the pond I was bitten by insects and on Monday was red and scratching all over. So last night I took one tablet and was in bed by 9 and have been sleepy all day, but it was better than being so itchy and red.

So today has been a pottering day, taking photos, tidying, chatting to friends and finally a bit of cookie baking. I have even headed into the world of Flickr and will hopefully get to grips with it further tomorrow.

Above and below are two felted pictures which I made a few months ago. I really love these but am not sure if they woul be viable to sell. I shall have to do some timings to see. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully more fruitful!


Lynsey said...

I think they are both lovely, and don't want to leave out the cookies, those too! xx

bex said...

i would happily buy the robbin one!!! why not search on folksy for similar things....that might help you get an idea of where your stuff is at... i think they look geat tho'

louise35flower said...

Thanks for your comments, I do get a lot of comliments about them so I will look into it further
I am awake! no Piriton for me today!