Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something new

Today I have been working on some new ideas that have been bubbling for some time. Working with fabric made me want to apply more of my own ideas to the fabric and so I have been venturing into some simple screen printing, which I have now combined with some freehand machine embroidery.
It has been difficult to find the time to develop these ideas in between my regular orders and family stuff, but it is finally coming together and I am rather pleased.

The effect is reminiscent of 50s illustration and I have some more bird designs on the go too, which are quite comical given the irregular nature of embroidery. These designs are destined for purses and cushions to start,.............. hope you like!
Have a lovely weekend, for those of you celebrating Mothers Day here in the UK, enjoy, it is well deserved!


bex said...

that looks great...i want to try screen printing...but i am notoriously messy so there might be a major clean up after!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

They look great, love screen printing and free-hand stitching on the machine-great combination!!
My machine's not keen on free hand, tangles all the time!

Have a great weekend
Emma :)

Fabric Nation said...

These look really lovely. I'd like a cushion with this On! I've not tried freehand machine stitching, I'm a bit worried my very old simger won't be suitable, do you need a special needle to do it?

louise35flower said...

You should be able to buy needles to fit a singer but more important is to be able to drop the feed teeth so you can more the fabric in any direction. I also have a special presser foot which is clear plastic so I can see where I'm going but also has a spring mechanism on it to keep the tension right. This is it

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks for the advice Louise, now I see why doing it on my machine seemed so daunting! Good luck with your sewing adventures.

Craft Fairy said...

What a great pattern that you've come up with. It will look fantastic when made up. The colours are wonderful as they blend in well with modern living.