Monday, March 23, 2009

Thankyou xx

I love my presents all the more because they were made by you,

I loved the blossom that we found on the trees,

You know how much I love this garden and it's ice lolly trees

I loved the sculptures,

especially this one................

I loved the fresh spring air

I loved the look on your face when I told you the latin name of this without reading the label,

I loved the cool stuff we found in the shop

Thankyou for my dinner, my picnic, and all those cuddles. I love you too xx


Sarah said...

Thank you mummy! Glad you enjoyed the day so much!xxxxxxx
luv Baby2

noelle said...

looks like you had a lovely day, and what great pressies! kids eh, don't you just love 'em x noelle

Attic24 said...

oh DO TELL what are those coooool Grow your own boxes???? Whats inside, what are they, I love the look of them!!
Glad you had a nice weekend...I have to say I am loving your blog btw :o)

louise35flower said...

Luce they are seed stores! They are made of metal and can be fixed on the wall a bit like the old style first aid boxes you sometimes see. Sadly the £50 price tag was beyond me so I just pinched a photo instead :)