Thursday, February 23, 2012

18 years

I won't bore you with cliches but today is a special day in our house

Sunday, February 12, 2012

V and A Pattern : Heals

This is due to be published in April this year and I've already got it on pre order

I have a large number of Heals vintage fabrics in my collection and am looking forward to finding yet more. Sadly the prices of such fabrics are going through the roof but it's not so surprising as the designs they commisioned throughout the 20th century have become design classics.
Available for pre order on Amazon

Dawanda bestsellers

After the wondeful publicity last week I am on the Dawanda newsletter today as one of the bestselling shops! I'm really thrilled as Dawanda is a great site and can be viewed in German French and English making it accessible across Europe. It has taken a good deal of work to get this shop established but I do love the dawanda site. very stylish and some great sellers as you can imagine I don't just sell on Dawanda.

You can visit my shop here

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy customers

I have had some very happy customers recently and really appreciate how many take the time to write and tell me how pleased they are with my cushions. This cushion has been selling at an amazing rate overnight and thanks to another customer I was able to find it featured here

Such a fantastic picture too don't you think? It has been selling from my Dawanda shop but is also available on Etsy and Folksy for international and UK customers

Edited to add: As of lunchtime today I have sold out of this design! I am waiting on some more fabric so fingers crossed they will be back in my shops soon, I'll keep you posted x