Friday, March 13, 2009

Thrift shop finds!

Yesterday I spent the morning browsing shops, what a luxury! and I thought you might like to see my thrifty finds. I love the name thrift shop, in the UK they are usually referred to as charity shops, but I love the US term, it feels very vintage, it feels very appropriate in the current climate, and so I have adopted it!
This cereal bowl was at the bottom of the pile and cost me 30p. I love the linear design with the touches of turquoise, I have been messing about with screenprinting and machine embroidery and the results are similar, I will show you sometime!

This is a find that I made on another trip, cost £1.00, it has Sweden printed on the back, and I would love to find out the designer but have no idea where to start.

These buttons came from the same shop as the bowl, I love the mushroom ones...... 15p

Not from the thrift shop but TKMaxx, I got this Designers Guild pillowcase for my daughters room £3.99 instead of £20

Also from TKMaxx some Cath Kidston plates and bowls

No shopping today....I have to make some more Miffy purses for my Folksy shop and as it is red Nose day here in the UK I need to do some baking. Sarah is doing a 5mile Charity Fun Run dressed in a purple tutu with a sharks head hat on! That's my girl!!


Lynsey said...

Oh some great finds! My charity/thrift shops here never have such nice things, nor my tk maxx! I am exceedingly jealous! xxx

noelle said...

great stuff you bought, love the buttons!

Kiamyka said...

I love the Swedish one! What an amazing design
x chris

bex said...

i cant decide which ones i like the most...the bowl or the sweeden one!! i found a moomin bowl for 75p in a charity shop...on the same line as sweeden??

Beaky said...

Lovely buttons! The mushroom ones are fab, great find.
B x

KirstyFish said...

oh yeh!
Grrrreat finds x 'thrift' is such a pretty word - or i like 'rummaged' x

louise said...

My goodness, I covet your finds. The Scandanavian dish is so lovely. I would have whisked that off the shelf for a £1! x