Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slightly scary

No probably not for you, but it is for me, as I work on my printed fabrics and get closer to having something I feel I can put out there as a finished design, I suffer from a kind of stage fright.
So to get over this and keep me going, I made up one purse using the fabric I printed at the weekend. It is totally impractical with this white background so won't be for sale, but I like seeing how the pattern works on the purse and I am hoping to find some good linen colour yardage to print up a better one.

Your comments will be really appreciated on this one xx


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

It is gorgeous! I agree that white is not ideal but in another colour way it would really work - I love the big bold design on the outside and the ditsy one inside.

I totally chime with your stagefright - I put my jewellery up for sale online for the first time yesterday and noticed two huge stress spots on my face this morning!! The dreaming and planning is a walk in the park, but the turning it into reality is when the nerves set in! You are not alone feeling that.

FELT! by Gina said...

White isn't the most practical fabric in this house - chocolatey fingers being the least reason, really, but someone, somewhere will love it for their (insert your idea here). It's a beautiful fabric, and beautiful things aren't always 'practical' in the same ways that luxuries aren't bought by people because they're practical. It will be wanted, which is probably most important :o)

Dotty said...

It is lovely and vety classy and I love the polka dot fabrics you use to line the purses

louise35flower said...

thankyou for your lovely comments! I know the white is no good, but it was all I had to hand to print on so is ok to see a print of my own design on a real item. I have just unearthed some grey and some red so will give those a go!

Blueberry Park said...

Gorgeous design, Louise and I think it works beautifully on your purse. I agree about the downfalls of white, but looks fab, so I would happily use it...a good excuse to replace when looking a tad grubby ;-)

Seems you and I are on a similar journey at the mo with printing our own fabrics n all. I'm back at my screen printing class tomorrow and can not wait...we are preparing screens and printing up our own designs...gulp ;-)


Francesca said...

oh but i love it like that. some people don't worry about being practical, they just love beautiful things. some people don't have bags full of cookie crumbs and pens that leak. not me, but some people! i think you should shop it. x