Monday, May 9, 2011

One of the first designers to catch my eye when I originally joined the etsy site is Heather Moore, her work which she creates under the title skinnylaminx extends through illustration, printmaking and some of the most incredible paper cut work.

Her work and style has been a huge inspiration over the last few years and I have a number of items around my house which I have bought from her. When I recently asked if she would mind me using some of her Orla print for my purses I was totally thrilled when she said yes!

I had to wait for these brushed brass frames to arrive as they suit the print colours perfectly, and making them this morning gave me a real thrill as they came together, I am so delighted with how they have turned out.
They are available now in my etsy store I just have one problem I am going to make one for me but cannot decide which colour, grey, lemon or olive.........this could take some time!


Jane said...

They're absolutely exquisite. I'm sure they will fly out of your shop! x

Blueberry Park said...

Now that really is a problem that I sympathise with greatly! These are beautiful, Louise and am sure they will fly out.

Heather Moore said...

It's always so fantastic to see my fabrics made up into real-life things, as I get so used to just seeing it on a roll. Love these purses - you are so clever! (and I'm addicted to your cushions too)

silverpebble said...


mrs cheese said...

These purses are so lovely......not sure which one I'd choose either.
So glad you like your necklace too.
Enjoy the lovely sunshine xx

Caroline said...

These are so lovely - I'd happily have one in each colour!