Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have acquired new followers to my blog over the last few days, hello, thankyou for visiting. I do try to get to visit everyones blog and comment, so I do regular blog reading sessions which are always inspiring and exciting.
I have added a couple of new covers to my shop recently and there are more to come, but lately I have been occupied in the garden and allotment enjoying this very non-UK weather. I have been sowing seeds and making plans for a redesign on our garden, but also I have been inspired by the lady we stayed with in France whose approach to life clearly led her to a more contented outlook than our frantic style. So I am trying to take time over things and not be trapped by the rush of life around me. The results for her were that at 69 she looked like a very young 50 and her calmness and love of life were an absolute pleasure to share.


Blueberry Park said...

Oh to find her secret and lose our frantic way of life! Loving the green cushions ;-)

Dotty said...

That is a lovely ethos. We certainly have to make the most of the weather and not feel like we should be doing something else:)