Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look what the postie brought me!

While re organising my stock in my three shops this morning, the postman came and through the letterbox tumbled this little package in a bright green envelope. Look how beautifully it is wrapped and the little badge on the packet was a lovely extra that I hadn't expected. Inside a little stitched pouch a beautiful pocket mirror from Snapdragons Garden
I was so luckyin the new year to win a giveaway from Jane who is based up in Stirlingshire, and when I found myself wanting a pocket mirror I knew just where to go. Her shop is divine and I am a regular reader of her blog too, where she also shows her stunning floristry skills in her totally unique style.
I am so loving my little mirror and have taken it in and out of it's little pouch countless times to admire it today. It is in very good company in my handbag with a new Orla Kiely purse which was a shock anniversary present last week.
Is life here always so lovely and fun? .............. no............I have to go finish cleaning the oven now
Thank goodness for the lovely moments to keep us sane!


LittleGem said...

What a lovely mirror - I have one of Janes badges and they are just gorgeous! P.S I am having a little birthday giveaway on my blog if you fancy entering? I am announcing the winner tomorrow so theres still time! XX

AMIdesigns said...

That mirror is gorgeous! I've awarded your blog a Lovely Blog Award, just check out my blog :)

meplusmolly said...

Oooo I love snapdragons garden too, Jane's textiles and flowers are gorgeous!
Thank you for you comment on my blog!
The 'stem' fabric you asked about can be purchased from Dunelm Mills, they do it in the brown colourway you've used on your doorstops, as well as the dotty fabric too.
Take a look at their website and check where your nearest store is ;0

noelle said...

oooh wish i had a postie like yours, mine just brings me bills!!

cabin + cub said...

love the pocket mirror... so cute! ;)

Bigbluebed said...

What a lovely mirror.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Here is the info you wanted