Friday, April 17, 2009

Lucky me!

The last few days have been so busy spending time with the girls, but I remebered to take a couple of photos of presents to show you! This jug was such a surprise. It is by Ken Eardley and I have lusted after his work for some time. I love the stem print design on this one and the blue colour. I keep moving it from room to room I can't decide where I like it best!

As a wearer of glasses, this was very much appreciated as I am forever putting them down and then I can't see to find them again, do you think she chose bright red on purpose?!

And I am a fan of spots so this makes watering my baby veg plants all the more pleasureable. I know, look at them going all leggy I really need to get them potted on this weekend. I received lots of lovely presents inluding pocket money from my mum, I will show you some of the things I bought in London soon, promise! Some of it will go towards more wool for my crochet blanket which has really grown over the holiday.

Have a lovely weekend

Louise x

PS I forgot to mention the fab programme last night Kirsty's Homemade Home on Channel 4. If you missed it I recommend you tune in next Thursday at 8pm. Full of crafts, homemaking and domesticity and I so loved the knitted titles!! It also had a sneak peek into Cath Kidstons kitchen not what you'd expect but stunning! You can find out more here I cannot wait for next week!!


bex said...

ohh, i like your glasses case. i was in a shop the other day and they had coin purses in the same style

Dee Beale said...

I love your Ken Eardley jug, wasn't aware of his work but will definitely be keeping an eye out for it now.

Sarah said...

Love the jug, the colour is fantastic!
Yes, the programme was really good and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was quite surprised by CK's kitchen it wasn't what I was expecting at all!

Kelly said...

great presents, that jug is just lovely,

The Dotty One said...

That jug is gorgeous.

I watched Kirstie's programme too - definitely worth it for the look at Cath Kidston's kitchen and also some great flower arranging tips. Kirstie's taste was so different to mine but i stll thought it was worth watching - started thinking about all the things I wanted to do to my home!