Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chair makeover

Now I know that to get the full effect I should have a before picture. but when I undertake a project like this I get all carried away and just get stuck in. So you will have to imagine this chair in its previous incarnation, dark wood and a dark red stretch cover over the original lumpy but sprung cushions, it was grim but it was only a fiver! and it was in the Cancer Research Shop which is my No.1 charity. I sanded and painted the wood and then had to open up the original covers to reposition the inners.

Laura and I then covered it in a new layer of wadding on Sunday morning, we had to hand stitch it all on and I was so pleased to have her helping and she did a perfect job! I then made up the green linen covers, bargain fabric from my stash, and voila perfect for our bedroom and it is so comfy.

Total cost = under £20 eat your heart out Kirsty!!

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bex said...

oh wow! that looks great with your white floor boards! well done!