Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't want to go home!

We're back! but we'd rather still be here on the Hampshire coast. So today we are a bit restless having spent easter weekend with family. These pictures were taken early in the morning and the sea mist was still hanging low in the sky as the sun rose and burned off the top layers making for this slightly eerie view across to the Isle of Wight.

can you smell the sea? and feel the warmth of that sun?

The sea was so flat calm it was quite magical.
I will take some photos of my birthday presents to show you later. We had a lovely family dinner at a restaurant looking out across the Solent, just perfect.


niftyknits said...

oh how wonderful! I am determined to live near the sea one day...

bex said...

looks lovely! were you any where near alverstoke? my boyfriends grandparents live there and he says the top picture looks like the view of lee on solant? just wondering!

louise35flower said...

not far off bex, it is at Hill Head, the top picture is looking towards the sailing club! x

lou said...

Hi, you were so near me you could have popped in for tea, it is one of my favourite places too sit and relax.
Love Lou xxx