Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Have a lovely easter!

We are off to the coast tomorrow to celebrate my birthday and easter with my mum and family. The sun hopefully will continue to shine over the holiday weekend and I hope you all have a lovely time too! Apparently you are never too old to make these easter nests, as my girls 12 and 15 proved yesterday.

We saved some for you! Enjoy
Louise x


Beaky said...

Ummm! tasty! Thats my next project after this. Just letting you know-
I have given you an AWARD go to my blog to check it out.
B x

bex said...

i love rice crispy cakes!!...and corn flake ones. we went to a cafe the other day at they had some cornflakes out on the side i asked for one....they said they were for a kids party....but that i could have some anyway!!

Sarah said...

There's many a rice crispy cake across the country at the moment. We made some today and the boys were very keen to lick the bowl out!

saraeden said...

Have a great time and Happy Birthday too !!

Sara x

Mr Lee said...

Happy Easter!Hope your all doing well!Your blog is wonderful.Welcome to our blog

clare's craftroom said...

Yum , have a great Easter break . Love the crochet squares .

niftyknits said...

yummy, thank you! Happy Easter to you and yours.