Monday, April 27, 2009

Bluebell Wood

Last week turned into complete chaos here, with one thing piling in after another and having to cover for the manager of a local pre school, all of my planned activities went out of the window. very little sewing, no allotment work done and definitely no quiet visit to the bluebell woods.

However come Sunday morning we did get to the woods and the last weeks stresses faded away.
We live right on the edge of the Chilterns and this wood is rated one of the best in the country for bluebells. This is not patches of bluebells, you have to believe me the floor of the wood is a comlpete carpet of them. With one main path through the middle and smaller ones made by deer tracking around in various directions.

The scent is heady, it being a slightly damp morning as the sun comes through the new beech leaves the perfume is released. In clearing at the edges of the wood the owner has constructed these wigwams from fallen branches for children to play in.

Blue as far as the eye can see.

The green of the beech leaves makes a stunning combination.

And so I am revived.......I did make it to the allotment too but without my camera. Today it is raining and so I can do catch up on the housework and make up some orders. Hopefully I will get more blogging done this week
Louise x


bex said...

wow! those pictures are stunning! i love walks in the wood. ive been to westonbirt arboretum a few timea and had the best times.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!!

louise said...

You must be so pleased with how these photos turned out. They are fantastic. I love bluebells and strive to see as many as I can at this time of year. x

Attic24 said...

What gorgeousness, seeing all that fabulous bluey bluebelly colour has made my heart skip!!