Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Dewey

I love seeing how the things I sell end up and this morning I had a lovely surprise when checking out one of my latest blog reads. Dewey is made using some of the fabric from my Orla scrap packs and I love the way the large scale of the multi stem print makes big blocks of colour on his legs.

He is the work of Kristin aka KLT: Works, Kristin's blog is a great mix of design and life influences and her passion for vintage design. Her shop on etsy has the most gorgeous kids toys and beautiful letterpress prints and is well worth checking out, in fact when I did just that to get the link for this post led to me buying some beautiful fabrics which I hope to use for purses!

This week is half term here and the days have been crammed full and also include the celebration of Laura's 17th birthday and we have a big family gathering tomorrow to prepare for. Hopefully next week will see me with some more regular blogging habits

Louise x


Julia said...

What gorgeous fabric, and such a great make! I am now going to visit the link you have shared - look forward to checking out your new purses, your work is so very lovely and the fabrics you choose are wonderful!

Julia x

KLT said...

Oh thank you for this! I'm a bit behind on my blog reading and just noticed this sweet post. So glad I did your fabric proud. Hope you had a nice family celebration.