Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sanderson 50s reprints

Sanderson have just launched a new collection of designs reprinted and inspired by their archives from the 50's. Mobiles above by Marian Mahler
Perpetua designed by Lucienne Day
Festival by Jacqueline Groag

I am so pleased these are being released and Sanderson have certainly done a finer job than Heals manged last year with their appalling Lucienne Day ranges.

I will have these in stock in the next couple of days and will be making covers with them at far more affordable prices than the originals. I do have the original Mobiles fabric in my shop at the moment and comparing the two the Sanderson version has lost the barkcloth texture but personally I love how fresh this design still feels.

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KLT said...

Lovely fabrics! I'm drooling over here. :)