Monday, February 14, 2011

Show and Tell

On Saturday the girls and I headed into London to The Make Lounge in Islington and did a wonderful workshop with the lovely Helen Rawlinson who produces the most wonderful textiles here. The worshop was screenprinting on textiles which was perfect for all of us as the girls are both studying textiles, and I as you know have been trying to get the hang of printing for my own work.

We took along some ideas of what we wanted to print but there was plenty of inspiring books and images provided too. The screen designs were made with paper stencils and hand cut with Xacto knives. Helen showed us how to prepare the screens and was on hand to help at each stage of the process, so we very quickly had our first images printed.
In just 3 1/2 hours we had each completed to designs and were so pleased with the results. The top two designs the Elephant and the Panda are Sarahs. The key design is Lauras, who also did another print of birds. These last two are mine, the hands printed onto a tea towel (take the hint somebody please?)
We had such a great time and were all really inspired, thankyou Helen :)


AmyE said...

i really want to do one of the workshops at the Make Lounge. This looks great fun.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lucky you Louise - love the designs and am also a big admirer of Helen's work. Have a good week. Lesley

Jennifer | The Make Lounge said...

They look amazing!

Goblinf said...

they are really good - you & the girls should be proud!

you can also use sticky back plastic and an scalpel (which lasts a bit longer than paper stencils)

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

Lucky you! They are really awesome, Louise. Looks like a lot of fun ;-)

Helen said...

Thanks Louise,
So pleased you enjoyed it! You all did some great prints.
Sticky back plastic or vinyl adhesive are worth trying for more printing, but paper is always a good starting point and much easier to work with in class!
Go girls! x

Siona Karen said...

The prints are really lovely, I like how vibrant they are and the simple yet bold designs. Particularly like the leaf pattern.

louise35flower said...

Thankyou for all the lovely comments, the girls are blushing deeply!
Will definitely try stencils with plastic at some point they're going to last a bit longer than the paper too! Just waiting for my new squeegee to arrive and I'll be back to it!

Dotty said...

What fun! The results look fantastic