Monday, January 4, 2010

So this was Xmas

Xmas for us this year was a white one and though it was very beautiful it was also so dangerous to travel that we had lots of cancelled plans, including our family xmas down in Hampshire which had to be rescheduled.
The girls improvised with rock pooling nets to have a snow fight, the snow being too powder dry to make snow balls.

These photos were taken after just one fall of snow we had another 3 inches a couple of days later. Today we have freezing fog and another abandoned trip to Milton Keynes as the roads headed up that way from here are icy and the temperature was dropping as we headed north, we turned back and came home to our cosy home. Much the best pace to be at any time, but especially now.
Thankyou to everyone who shopped with me over the xmas period I kept my shops open and was suprised at how busy I was.
I am however considering closing my Folksy shop as the sales from there are so slow and I really can't have stock sitting around for so long. I really am sad about this as I love the Folksy site and ethos but it just isn't working for me. So I may concentrate my efforts more on my Etsy shops and keep on with ebay too as sales there have been non stop for the last few months.
Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2010
Louise x

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