Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our xmas cake!

I forgot to post this in time for xmas but still need to show you the beautiful xmas cake that I won...yes won!..... in a raffle at the pre school where I do supply work. The cake was made by the incredibly talented and lovely Natasha of neviepiecakes who makes the most delicious and beautiful cakes and sweet treats I have ever seen, she really is an undisovered star of cakes!

So thankyou to Natasha for donating the cake it really was delicious I think there is just one slice left which I suspect my husband will have this evening when he gets in from the cold.


Natasha said...

I didn't know you had won it, I'm really pleased you did. Glad you enjoyed it!

Fell Tops said...

The cake looks lovely, and if it tasted good, it must be a winner!

Vanessa x

noelle said...

beautiful cake! Happy New Year to you x x x

HeartfeltHandmade said...

oooooh, lucky lucky you! The cake looks yum. Happy snowy new year x