Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have not been feeling too well this week but have been down to the allotment and picked the rest of the broad beans to freeze.So I took them out to the garden this afternoon and got the first batch podded and bagged while sitting in the sunshine. I always blanch them and slip them out of their skins, a very satisfying job and much tastier too!

I also made strawberry conserve from our strawberries this year as we had so many, I must take a photo before it all goes. It is much tastier than jam made with pectin or that 'sugar jam' which gives a very artificial flavour I think. I shall perhaps take a photo and share the recipe with you, very simple, fruit and sugar.

I have managed to keep up with sewing orders and much excitement is filling the house as plans are afoot to create another bedroom which will free up space for me to have a sewing room, small it will be but it's mine!!

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