Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greys Court

Today has been a dull old day in the UK so I have made the most of my time sewing up stock for orders and shops. However this evening I remembered some photos I had taken on a day out a couple of weeks ago to Greys Court near Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire. The house is currently under restoration but the gardens are open and I love them. It is one of those gardens with lots of rooms and a kitchen garden.
Peas scrambling up homemade supports of various designs, low and rounded..........

tall and pointy. I always love being able to see the design of the frames, in some ways it is a shame they will eventually be covered by a tangle of branches.

What is that little bird saying?

Look at this little viola house on the old crumbling wall........

and then I found some photos of my garden, the ferns are coming up by my homemade screen. I weave extra bits of silver birch branches into this, which drop from the tree in my neighbours garden. The birds help themselves to it for nest material too!
And this beauty, that I just don't know the name of, was a seedling brought by the birds.
Tomorrow looks like being another busy sewing day........ hmmmm not a bad life eh?


lou said...

Beautiful pictures and a fab post, I loved it! :0)
Don’t work too hard tomorrow…love Lou xxx

bex said...

im no botanist but it looks like its kind of related to the corn flower...but i think i might be getting distracted by the blue in it because its a similar shade. i love the little bird on the policemans shoulder..really cute

vanessa said...

The Viola house!It's wonderful! I wish we had a spare wall............. there has to be a spare wall somewhere!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)