Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cowgirl cushion

I regularly make personalised cushions and was recently asked to make these western themed ones. I am especially pleased with Laurens very cowgirl.

I spent quite some time fiddling the letters on Jacobs to place them amongst the Cath Kidston cowboy fabric.

I always use a satin stitch to edge this applique as it makes it a bit more substantial for children.

And I just love the mother of pearl buttons on the back. I have a long held love of mother of pearl it reminds me of crafting when I was little and of course of the coast.
Lots going on here at the moment, teenager doing internal exams (mocks to us oldies), rehearsals for a big summer show, house sale going through, plans for this house being prepared, allotment in full swing, and sewing for a very exciting and lovely event (of which I shall tell you more another day).


bex said...

wow!! they look awesome!! SATIN STITCH!! thankyou...ive been wanting something more substantial for appliques and was trying to figure out how i could use the stitch my machine does when i do button holes!! no need now!!

lou said...

You are clever, love the cushions! x

More Than a Mama said...

wow Louise, these are fabulous, I love the attention to detail - can't wait to see your stall at the fayre soon! Not sure how I'm going to stop myself from spending any money I may make on your stall though!!! :o)