Thursday, February 14, 2013

 While my blogging has taken a back seat I've been hard at it! New designs, new stockists and more to come.
 I also made a decision about my screenprinted work and am selling my exposure unit as I'm just not happy with the waste that is going down the drain from the chemicals required to expose screens. From now on all my screenprints will be solely from stencils and my inks will continue to be eco friendly and water based.
Talking of which I have a new toy which makes cutting detailed stencils a breeze.


Blueberry Park said...

have you got a laser cutter, Louise??! Is there anywhere near you you can go to use their professional exposing unit? Or send them off anywhere?

louise35flower said...

I don't want to be exposing screens at all, it's not just at home!

Best Made Local said...

Love your work, please email us at so we we can send you details of our new quality shows in the region. kind regards BML