Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christmas in July?

Yes you heard me right, but I'm not actually having another Christmas, I'm having a sale! Over on Etsy there is an annual event which is an opportunity for everyone to have a summer sale and apparently as some folks use this time to hit the sales and get set for the festive season!
As I posted a couple of days ago I do have some covers in the sale here. But this weekend I also added my purses, yes all of them! so grab em quick because some of them will not be available again!

 I've also found some other beautiful bargains, all from UK sellers

AliBali Jewellery 

The Felt Menagerie
 If you want to search for the sales on Etsy just use the serch term 'Christmas in July'

I have a rare day off today and as the weather is so vile it will most likely be spent on some pottering time.

Enjoy your Sunday x

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