Thursday, June 16, 2011

How long?

Last weekend we visited UCA Farnham for the Open Day, it also happened to be our anniversary and where Chris and I met. It was a very strange feeling to go back and wander through the workshops and studios. I was so pleased to see the forge still in place although sadly the foundry is long gone. The biggest shock was finding some of my work on display and talking to one of the lecturers who had found it stored away and brought it out after over 20 years. It was alongside work by my contemporaries of the time and it was the strangest feeling to see all our work together again.
So this week I have been busy printing again and will hopefully be sharing that with you soon, I'm hoping you will think as I do that after nearly 10 years of working with other peoples fabric it's time I got back to it!


AMIdesigns said...

Sounds like a lovely trip down memory lane!

Goblinf said...

do you have pictures?

Francesca said...

that's great louise. i love your purse fabric so i'm sure it's gonna be really lovely. x