Sunday, November 7, 2010

As autumn fades

Time here is so rammed full of activity that to open my curtains last week and be faced with this at eye level just stopped me in my tracks. This cherry tree with the yellow of the hawthorn behind it is right out the back of the loft bedroom window and with the autumn sun as it was a week ago I could happily have stood there all morning.
But instead there is plenty of sewing to be done but I did love using some warming colours while I worked just as a reminder.
The flower print was a super lucky find on ebay a few weeks back, it had been listed with the darkest of photos that actually gave no clue to the colours but I took a punt and was so excited when they arrived and in perfect condition too! I goes beautifully with this golden Peter Hall Verdure
and then there is this, not very autumnal but fabric I have been hunting for some time. 'Coppice' by Mary White, an absolute gem of a fabric.

and so back to the machine, with the first of the More than a Mama fairs on Friday and orders rolling in from my etsy shop, I have employed the girls to help me this weekend which has been fantastically useful.

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sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Congratulations Louise, on appearing on Etsy's front page and having your cushion shown on Grand Designs - well done. Love the fabrics that you have chosen for the cushions in this post. x