Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life here has been pretty frantic and stressful but now the strees is going and we are just left with frantic!! I am so busy with my ebay shop, sales of my cushion covers have been wonderful, and am also trying to keep stock back for a couple of Xmas fairs that I am doing. Blogging has very much taken a back seat.....sorry :(
sarah and I had fun making some leaf images in the back garden (not sure how the colours will show up for you at present as I am on a new laptop and have to sort the colour settings yet)

I made this LOVE cushion the other day and used four of the Pop Flowers colourways from Cath Kidston. I just don't get why this was discontinued it is the most popular Kidston fabric I use.

and for a bit of a Tadaaa! look at this vintage Magic Roundabout fabric I got, a perfect match for the blue spot, so I made up a pait of small cushions which are now in my ebay shop.
Must get around to sorting my Etsy shop which is looking very sad, and restocking Folksy too!
So much to do and so little time!


Natasha said...

I love your leaf patterns very creative!
And really love the magic roundabout cushions!

AMIdesigns said...

I know exactly how you feel - this is a pretty busy, stressful time of year. congrats on all the sales though :)

Martina said...

Love your Magic Roundabout fabric. I used to have a wallpaper design very like this in my bedroom circa 1968!