Monday, September 7, 2009

My mojo ain't workin'

Maybe it's the return to normal routine after the holidays but I am having a real job to get back into it and get my creativity going. Also the fact that the house will be turned into a building site in a few weeks time means I really have to get my act together and fast. I have shops to stock and craft fairs to do!!! move Louise, MOVE!!! So I threaded up the machine and just sewed something, no plan just went with it and did really lacks colour and looking at it now I shall put it back on the machine and work at it some more, but I shall do more of this for my cushions and purses and will keep you updated.
In the meantime just a few thrifty finds to share, see my little owl monebox? I am reliably informed it is from the 60s, I love the colour combination and found a few things to put with it.

A close up shows the leaf pattern on the top edge, now this is inspiring me!

And finally I had to show you this wonderful find which cost all of 99p, this glassware jug has been in use all summer and has a red plastic pop in lid that holds back the ice. I really thought this might not get family approval due to the very grannyish look but everyone loves it!

OK enough stalling I am moving, I am sewing, and this evening I think I need to do some time management planning otherwise nothing will get done.


Kelly said...

really cute money box, what a great find x

bex said...

i have the same money box but mine is orange and brown

Caroline and Jayne said...

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