Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beanbag cover

I've been holed up indoors fighting a cold today and have got lots done, including finishing a new cover for the beanbag. I've made it into more of a pouffe shape, rather than the classic beanbag blob shape and pieced the sides together from a fabric scrap pack I purchased from namolio
over on etsy. The top and base are from my own stock of stone spot fabric. I did manage to do the static snow trick transferring the polystyrene beads from the old bag to the new, even though they were in an inner bag.


Beaky said...

It looks great! I love the pouffe style. Static snow argghh, Dan covered the garden in polyester beads when he washed the cover on ours. That had an inner bag too!
Bonita x

bex said...

Hi!! thanks for telling me how to sort the links out!! ive been wondering for ages but im afraid to say im a bit of technophobe! your bean bag looks great, when me and my partner move from our current flat bean bags are one of the projects i have in mind!
Your blog looks lovely, i love the snowy squirrel! i'l pop back later for sure!