Friday, December 12, 2008

So tired

This week has been so busy with family and sewing but I have finished a few Miffy purses today to add to my ebay shop. I also have some of them listed on etsy. They have been really popular this xmas and even better now I have added colourful linings to the latest ones.

The Miffy fabric is vintage and was a find in a charity shop a couple of months ago, eventually it will run out, which will be so sad, it is so sweet to work with!

Apologies for the dark pictures today, the light is so bad
taking photos is really tricky!


notquiteginger said...

My husband bought me 2 of your miffy purses for christmas, they are absolutely fantastic so I wanted to thank you! wendy ellis

KirstyFish said...

I love Miffy!!!

louise35flower said...

I will be doing a Miffy purse blog giveaway soon so keep in touch!

Zoe said...

This is so Sweet! :)